A young family moves to the idyllic island nation of Palau and suffers a shocking tragedy. Through recently uncovered archival footage and first-person accounts, Return to Palau tells an incredible true story of survival, faith, and forgiveness.

“Melissa’s life is a miracle and her return to Palau is a gift to our nation. We are truly blessed to have Melissa share her story not only with us but with the world through this film.”
- Surangal Whipps, Jr. President of the Republic of Palau
“Healing psychological and emotional trauma is a complex and multifaceted process.  Return to Palau powerfully illustrates how the collective efforts of a community can create an environment that allows not only an individual to heal but an entire nation.”
- Maria Leister, Faculty and Co-Director
Global Mental Health Trauma and Recovery Course
Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma
“Return to Palau is an amazing story of forgiveness and reconciliation in the midst of the most horrific circumstances. It will stand as an enduring testimony to the amazing love and power of God.”
- Ted N.C. Wilson, President, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
“Return to Palau leaves you with an immense sense of wonder at how the power of forgiveness and love can bring unimaginable change and hope to both individuals and to communities.”
- Andrea Luxton, President, Andrews University
“It is a story of hope. No matter how dark a situation seems.”
- Audrey Andersson, Executive Secretary, Trans European Division
“Return to Palau is a gripping story of tragedy and redemption. The movie captivates the audience from the opening scene and deeply touches the heart.”
- Beverly Sedlaceck, HIS Rest Ministries
“This film is about the remarkable and amazing courage to forgive and the healing that it brings to those affected by cruelty and the unspeakable pain of significant loss of life.”
- Frank Hasel, Biblical Research Institute


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